Students, employees now have access to medical doctor on campus


Starting on Nov. 2, a medical doctor is available for students and employees every other week on Thursdays at the Student Health Center on campus.
Photo by Essi Auguste Virtanen


Lindenwood students and employees can now meet with a medical doctor in the Student Health Center on campus.

Tiffany Flaherty, a nurse practitioner at the health center, said the decision was made to meet students’ medical needs better. According to a LU Digest email, a medical doctor will be available every other Thursday to see students and employees starting Thursday, Nov. 2. The doctor’s hours are from 1 to 4 p.m. 

She said the appointments will be handled like clinic visits, meaning insurance and payments will be processed at the time of the appointment. The doctor won’t see students under the Lindenwood student health account. 

Flaherty thinks having the doctor on campus will guarantee more “comprehensive care” on things like chronic medical conditions as well as long-term management of mental health conditions. 

“Things that we can only do on a more short-term, acute basis in the clinic, currently, would be able to be managed and followed up on more long term,” she said.

She also said patients who have their primary health care provider out of town now are able to follow up with their conditions here on campus. They also can get blood work at the clinic now.

Students or employees of Lindenwood who want to make appointments can call the doctor’s office at 636-669-2350. The Student Health Center is located on the third floor of Evans Commons. For more information, contact the Lindenwood Student Health Center at 636-949-4525.