Lindenwood student releases her first single

Lindenwood student Lucie Switalskis first single release: Never Knew.  Photo used with permission from Lucie Switalski.

Lindenwood student Lucie Switalski’s first single release: “Never Knew.”
Photo used with permission from Lucie Switalski.


Lindenwood student Lucie Switalski has released her first original song, “Never Knew,” this fall semester.

A music business major, Switalski has been singing as long as she can remember because both of her parents are professional recording artists, so she has always been surrounded by music.

Her love for music can be traced back to when she was 4 years old and learning to play the piano. Since then, her passion has grown to include other instruments, singing and performing, she said.

“Never Knew” was recorded in her hometown of Chicago, where her family has a recording studio in their house. She said that it is “honestly a blessing” to work with her father who is a musician and producer himself.

Switalski first performed the song this past July when she and her family were on vacation at Fox Spring Lodge in Cuba, Missouri, with friends that she said are like family. One of the nights that they were at the lodge, they had a talent show, and she performed her song.

“I remember vividly how great it felt to sing my very own piece to the people who have supported me and my music since I was a little girl,” Switalski said.

She said it was a special moment because it reassured her that she was doing what is right for her, and that it is what she is meant to do.

[perfectpullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Bring something new to the table, because that is what gets noticed – Lucie Switalski[/perfectpullquote]

In the country pop genre, “Never Knew” is available for download on for 99 cents. It also will be available on all digital platforms (iTunes, Spotify, etc.) by the end of December, and Switalski said she hopes to have an album released sometime in the near future.

She said that it is “an amazing feeling” knowing that the public has access now, to what previously only she has been listening to for the past few months.

One of her fans is Courtney Wingerter; the two women sing together in Voices Only and are sisters in Phi Sigma Sigma.

“Have you heard it?” asked Wingerter talking about Switalski’s music. “It’s amazing!”

Wingerter said that they  have become close because they share rides to performances and that Switalski often makes her smile with her “witty jokes.” 

 Switalski advises anyone wishing to start a career in music not to compare themselves, but to be themselves.

“Bring something new to the table, because that is what gets noticed,” she said.

Switalski is studying music business at Lindenwood and said she dreams to one day own her own record label. If that does not happen, her Plan B is to sign a record deal with Big Machine Records.

In her free time, she enjoys writing articles, poems, short stories and her own music. That is what  led to her new song “Never Knew.”

“I have written too many songs to count,” she said. “A lot are not completed yet, but that’s the fun in writing.”  

Students can follow Switalski’s musical career on her WordPress blog or her website