Funds request declined at first biweekly LSG meeting


Applications to be a Lindenwood Student Government senator are now open on InvolveU.


Here is a recap of Wednesday’s biweekly Lindenwood Student Government General Assembly meeting. The assembly was held in Dunseth Auditorium. 

  • The assembly voted against a request for $1,119.64 after several minutes of discussion.  Linden Scroll requested the funds to cater its “Love Your Major” event at which 100 people are projected to attend.  Representatives voiced concerns about whether the event would attract full attendance and how the expense could be reduced.  
  • A new LSG secretary, freshman Brenden Roland,  was sworn in, as well as three new senators: Emily Geiser, Sabrina Clements and Jordan Kirkwood, all sophomores.  Clements and Geiser said they became a part of student government to impact issues, such as campus lighting and recycling.  
  • Student Involvement Director Angie Royal announced changes to the tier funding system for student organizations that will come into effect in fall 2018.  The new system allows groups to select a tier based on points, community service hours and other requirements.   The most accessible tier has access to no tier funds, and the three higher tiers have amounts up to $1,200.  The new organization fund, as well as all money not spent on tier funds, will be allocated into general funds.  New organizations will be entitled to a one-time $150 funds request.  Royal said she hopes the changes will encourage more involvement and make it clearer how an organization can join each tier.  
  • Royal also mentioned that they are planning a system for LSG meetings at which organizations will not be required to send representatives to each meeting next semester.

In accordance with a LSG constitutional amendment passed last semester, assembly meetings now occur every other week.  The next meeting is Jan. 24 and a town hall meeting will be Jan. 17.