Lindenwood students to host their own radio show


Scott Mandziara and Andrew Rogers are the hosts of a new sports segment called “Inside the Den” on 89.1 The Wood. Their first show was on Monday, Feb. 19 at 8 p.m.
Photo by Michelle Sproat.

Video by Michelle Sproat


An hour-long sports show dedicated to all Lindenwood sports, called Inside the Den, got its stamp of approval to go on the air.

Students Scott Mandziara and Andrew Rogers will be hosting the show every Monday.

“We’re going to have two guests, at least, every single week, whether that’s a Lindenwood coach, a Lindenwood player or a Lindenwood alum,” Mandziara said. “We’re going to be having on, hopefully in the beginning, MLB Network studio host Greg Amsinger.”

Amsinger is the lead host for MLB Tonight and is a Lindenwood alumnus.

“We’ve been trying to get this show for a really long time, to finally get it is a really exciting feeling,” Mandziara said.

Rogers said the two have been pursuing a radio show since last year.

“It was a podcast that wanted to lead into a radio show, and when I joined, that’s when we really started to put the push on ‘OK, let’s make this a radio show’ and when we took the idea all the way to the end, the higher-ups wanted it to be revolved around Lindenwood,” Rogers said.

Out of everything, the two agreed that name of the show took the most time to come up with.

“Scott and I were going back and forth; we couldn’t agree on anything,” Rogers said.

Mandziara said the two would sit in a room and talk for over an hour and not leave until they came up with a name. They also made lists, narrowed them down and asked their friends for help.

“The whole radio show itself is a big process because you have to get a show open, you have to come up with a show close, you have to get bumps throughout the show,” Rogers said. “There’s a lot more work than just sitting down from six to seven and talking Lindenwood sports.”

Mandziara said that the pair are doing the hosting, producing and board operating for the show all at the same time.

“Having this opportunity is the best thing that we could ask for because we’ve been fighting for this since the beginning of fall 2017,” Rogers said.

Mandziara said the show will be an educational experience because “there’s no way to get real world experience unless doing real world things.”

He said there’s no way to learn live radio unless a student is on the air live.

“Once you say something wrong, they’re not coming back,” Rogers said.

Mandziara said he hopes that people will gain more knowledge in Lindenwood sports.

“It’s more about just informing people about Lindenwood sports,” Mandziara said. “Hopefully they have a few laughs. That’s what people want to hear. They want to hear other people having fun.”