Lindenwood student charged with 3 felonies after recording roommate’s sexual encounters

Xavier Bolands mugshot provided by

Xavier Boland’s mugshot provided by


A Lindenwood student athlete had been charged with three counts of felony invasion of privacy after he secretly recorded his roommate having sex with two different women, according to court documents. 

Xavier Boland, 24, is a biochemistry and international business major, according to his Instagram bio. He also is an international student from Jamaica and a member of both track and field and pole vaulting teams, according to Lindenwood’s athletics page.  Boland resided in the 300 block of Droste Road in Lindenwood’s non-traditional housing. 

The probable cause statement dated Feb. 23 gave this account as evidence for the charges:

In the early hours of Feb. 18, a woman visited Boland’s roommate. The couple had sex, and later Boland entered the bedroom and woke the woman.

She yelled at Boland to leave the bedroom, then got dressed and continued to yell at him in an adjoining room of the house. 

Boland asked why she was getting so upset because he said he’d seen her naked many times in the past. He then pulled out his phone and played a video shot that showed her inside the bedroom, engaged in sexual activity with Boland’s roommate. Boland said he had more recordings of her having sex with his roommate in the bedroom.

The woman tried to leave the residence, but Boland threatened to ruin her life with the videos. Boland grabbed the woman, pushed her into his bedroom and onto his bed. He got on top of her, took off her panties and began fondling her while she fought and kicked him, telling him “not to do it.” 

The woman got away, and as she went out the front door, Boland asked her “how many likes she thought the videos would get on YouTube.”

The woman fled to a friend’s house a few blocks down the road where she then called the police. 

Police went to Boland’s home, and he initially stated he was unsure if the woman had been in his home or not but later recalled she had been there. He allowed police to search his phone, and an investigation by the St. Charles County Cyber Crime Task Force found several videos.

The woman identified herself in one of the videos, which was shot through the blinds from the exterior of the home. The roommate also identified himself in two of the videos. A second woman was also contacted and identified herself from videos found on Boland’s phone. None had knowledge of the videos nor had they consented to them being taken. 

In an interview with police later, Boland admitted he took the recordings on his phone without the consent of the people he taped. He also said that the first woman made up the sex assault to get authorities to make him erase the videos. He then asked the detective interviewing him if he would delete them.

Lindenwood University issued a statement Monday night saying that because of privacy laws, they couldn’t comment on Boland’s case. His status as an athlete and a student is unclear. Also unclear is whether the women involved are university students.

The university issued a “Timely Warning” email to all students when the incident was reported but did not notify students of the arrest.

Boland was being held late Monday at the St. Charles County jail; bail is set at $15,000 cash only.

If Boland is convicted of the charges, he faces a maximum sentence of 12 years in prison, according to Missouri statutes.