Review: 5 Seconds of Summer release new song, mature sound


5 Seconds of Summer in Dallas, Texas in 2016.
Photo provided by Morgan Winston


5 Seconds of Summer, the Australian pop-band that is known for hits like “Permanent Vacation” and “She Looks So Perfect,” has grown up in its newest track.

This is the first song from the band since the release of their 2015 album, “Sounds Good Feels Good.”

As 5SOS step back into music, there are some changes that are instantly picked up on.

“Want You Back” is noticeably different from the upbeat, high-energy danceable instrumental tracks on albums that the band has released in the past.

The song instead starts off with a slow, sad piano track, leading into a slightly faster track that layers in drums and guitar.

It swaps out the pop-style guitar rhythm and instead replaces it with soft melodies that are easy on the ears but give off a sadder vibe than usual.

“Want You Back” is the perfect song to add to a break-up playlist and is one that can leave ex-lovers in their feelings, as it is about a love or a relationship that truly never dies.

The song is about someone remembering an ex-lover and, even though they are separated and no longer together, having feelings for them no matter what happens.

It can be seen as wanting or longing to be loved after a person has just gotten out of a relationship.

According to music lyric website, Genius, some of the lyrics in the song are similar to past songs.

“I remember the roses on your shirt when you told me this would never work,” is similar to a line to the 2014 song “Amnesia,” which is “I remember the day you told me you were leaving. I remember the makeup running down your face.”

Even though the sound is way more grown-up than the 5SOS that people are used to hearing, it’s a sound that the band can definitely grow into.