Phi Sigma Sigma hosts Rock-A-Thon with local artists


A crowd gathers in front of Ground Control, the first band of the night to play during Phi Sigma Sigma’s Rock-A-Thon.
Photo by Megan Courtney


A face painting station, a silent auction, a food truck and live music were all stationed on the Evans Commons lawn Thursday night.

Phi Sigma Sigma’s Rock-A-Thon was the first major philanthropy event for the sorority.

“This is really exciting for us,” said President Alaina Coclasure. “Our national philanthropy is the Kids in Need Foundation and also the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation.”

The $5 donation or the bag of school supplies that attendees were charged to attend the event will go to one of the schools involved with the Kids In Need Foundation.

In addition, proceeds from the silent auction and the raffle will also go to the school.

“We’re going to partner with a local school in need, and we’re going to make sure and get those school supplies to them,” Coclasure said.

The preparation for the event began in December, Coclasure said.

“We’ve been working very hard to get this done,” Coclasure said. “It’s been quite the event. We were able to get a few bands together. We even have one of our sisters performing for us.”

Haley Woolbright, who is graduating in the fall, was one of the performers. She has been “seriously pursuing” music for about a year and a half now.

“I’ve released some stuff and have been playing out more and more,” Woolbright said. “I hope when I graduate that I can keep doing it on the side because I love it. I’m able to make money doing it too.”

Last April, Woolbright released an EP called “Journey To Me,” and is available on Spotify. Woolbright also has a website, a bandcamp and can also be found on Sound Cloud.

The genres she considers herself to be are acoustic or indie pop.

Woolbright said that during her performance, her fingers were freezing and she could not feel her guitar pick.

“I literally had to look down every now and then to make sure it was still in between my fingers,” Woolbright said.

Woolbright said Phi Sigma Sigma member Lucie Switalski messaged her on Instagram about a month a

Last act Lindenwood senior Haley Woolbright closes the night with “Benny and the Jets” by Elton John.
Photo by Kayla Drake

go to ask her about performing.


“She told me about the event and asked if I’d want to perform and I was like ‘Yeah, of course,’” Woolbright said.

Woolbright’s goal is to release a full-length album in the next few years.

Woolbright had a “blast” watching other musicians Pure October and Switaliski.

“When they told me it was a Rock-a-Thon, I thought it was a brilliant idea,” Woolbright said.

Overall, Coclasure hopes for a good turnout and for a lot of money to be raised.

“I couldn’t be more proud of my organization,” Coclasure said.