Student Research Conference will highlight student achievement


Rows of presentation boards line the AB Leadership Room in preparation for the Student Research Conference.
Photo by Mitchell Kraus

MITCHELL KRAUS | Editor-in-Chief

Large display posters will line the AB Leadership Room on Thursday afternoon, while downstairs in Spellmann, students will present the large projects they have completed. 

It is all part of the Student Research Conference, which highlights academic achievement by graduate and undergraduate students of all departments. To present their research, students are first nominated by a member of the faculty and are then required to submit their own application. 

According to the event website, students who have been approved to participate will be setting up their displays beginning at 11:30 a.m., and presentations will run throughout the afternoon culminating in an awards ceremony at 6:30 p.m.

The awards ceremony will begin with remarks by the Co-Chairs of the SRC Committee, Monica Flippin Wynn and Tom Cupples.

After that, awards will be presented by Provost Marilyn Abbott.

According to the schedule, awards will be presented for the following categories:

     School of Accelerated Degree Programs

     School of Arts, Media and Communications

     School of Education

     School of Health Sciences

     School of Humanities

     Robert W. Plaster School of Business and Entrepreneurship

     School of Sciences

For a complete schedule of presentations, click here.