Tacos being added to menu in Spellmann cafeteria next year


Qdoba will add tacos to its menu next year.
Photo by J.T. Buchheit.

J.T. BUCHHEIT Chief Copy Editor

Changes are in store for the Spellmann Center cafeteria next year, including tacos on the menu at Qdoba, according to Food Services Catering Director Nancy Tinker.

Tinker said another potential addition for next year is breakfast at Chick-fil-A. She also said the catering menu will add Chick-fil-A and Qdoba.

“This will mean more student organizations can actually order it to be delivered,” Tinker said. “We’re talking to Tapingo about delivery or at least pre-order, where you can be in class and say ‘I want No. 1; I’ll be there at noon to pick it up,’ which we think will be will be big draw for both the Starbucks and the national brand locations.”

Tinker said costs are considered when making changes to the food service program.

“As a university and Pedestal Foods, the goal is to keep this economical and not drive the cost up of the meal plans,” she said. “So what we’re looking into doing are more strategic things that will help keep but add more variety.”

Tinker is pushing for another plan that involves Freshman Cups, which would be given in bags to every incoming freshman, but she is still looking for a sponsor to promote it.

“There’s a program called Cupanion, where you take the cups anywhere, and every time you reuse your cup and not get a new one, you get points, and the points turn into free food items,” Tinker said. “So if you took your cup here instead of getting a paper cup every time, you would get maybe a pizza, or you would earn a Chick-fil-A sandwich, or something along that line to help with the recycling effort.”

Tinker said they are not sure what changes will come to the cafeteria in Evans Commons or if the Athlete Fuel Station will remain there. She said the highest number of students there was 45 in the morning and the lowest was one.

“We’re hoping to bring those numbers up a bit by the end of the year, and that will determine whether we’re open next year,” Tinker said. “But we may be looking for something else to put in that location.”

Tinker encourages feedback from students and suggestions about how to improve their dining experiences.