Nerf Alliance packs heat during monthly Nerf war


The Nerf Alliance meets once a month to battle it out during its Nerf wars in Evans Commons Recreational Center.
Photo by Lindsey Fiala

LINDSEY FIALA | Online Editor

Video shot and edited by Lindsey Fiala

Shots were fired, sock bombs were thrown and matches were won at the Nerf Alliance’s monthly Nerf war in Evans Commons on Thursday.

The Nerf Alliance hosts a variety of games, and once a month it has a Nerf war, according to the group’s president, Aleksander Mansdoerfer.

“We try to make this as fun as possible while creating new environments for players to join into,” Mansdoefer said. 

The war troops were able to rally in over 20 members to battle one another in a variety of games.

“Tonight we started with a nice simple team deathmatch, like you would see in Call of Duty,” Masdoerfer said. “We have also done games where the goal is to get the flag into the other team’s base and where every player has a medic ability which allows them to get another person up by tapping them on the shoulder.”

The games lasted for over an hour, drawing more and more troops in as the night progressed. Students from all types of backgrounds and majors are welcomed and encouraged to join in on the fun. 

“This is definitely the most fun you can have on campus, and we do our best to try and make things as enjoyable as possible while also being aware of what our players’ needs are, so we make sure that people who are new to the game have access to the materials they need to play the game,” Mansdoerfer said. 

Players were allowed to use any Nerf weapon they desired, including sock bombs wrapped in duct tape. By the end of each game, the floor was littered with stray bullets and pellets. 

The Nerf Alliance has Nerf wars once a month as well as other events including a week long game of Humans vs. Zombies once a semester.