New look, new direction for parking stickers


Photo by Kat Owens

Editorial Cartoon by Kat Owens

LINDSEY FIALA | Online Editor

The new parking stickers are in, and they are sporting a new look and a new direction.

This year’s model is more than just the school colors; it includes a drawing of Leo the Lion along with the slogan “One Roar.” 

This photo displays the proper direction to install the new parking sticker.
Photo by Kat Owens

Also unlike previous stickers, this year’s pass has text displayed in two different directions, so it may be confusing at first how to display them correctly. According to the Office of Public Safety, the sticker is to be displayed vertically, with the permit number along the top.

The passes are free, but students, staff and faculty must pre-register for them through StarRez on Lindenwood’s portal. Those who register must show the receipt in the public safety office on the fourth floor of Spellmann before being assigned a permit number.

Anyone parking on Lindenwood’s campus without a sticker risks getting a ticket that comes with a $25 fine.

Watch our video to find out an easy way to remove last year’s sticker.