Linden Lodge could be next for 24/7 visitation


The Linden Lodge is now 24/7 visitation.
Graphic by Madeline Raineri.

MATT HAMPTON | Sports Editor

Linden Lodge could become the only single-gender hall where visitors are allowed 24/7.  

At a meeting with residents Monday evening, area coordinator Donna Filkins announced that residential life will send out an anonymous online survey to lodge residents Wednesday asking if they want to change visitation.  The administration will start reviewing the results of the survey Friday, and Filkins said students’ vote will be considered, but it is not guaranteed the building will switch to 24/7 visitation.  

Last month, a survey was sent out asking the same question to residents in Lindenwood’s only co-ed halls, Calvert Rogers and Rauch Memorial Halls.  Sources said respondents overwhelmingly voted to reform visitation, and 24/7 went into effect in those buildings Monday.  

Aside from the two co-ed halls, 24/7 visitation is only available in off-campus housing, where it went into effect fall 2017.  In other dorms, visitation is only allowed 24 hours on the weekends, which also began last fall, and from noon to midnight Monday to Thursday.  

Like Rauch and Calvert, the Lodge is a residence for upperclassmen.  But what makes the former Days Inn south of Interstate 70 different from the co-ed dorms is that most of its residents have a room to themselves.  

Kyle Melchior, a senior who lives in the lodge, which is about a mile from campus, said he is excited about the potential for increased privileges in the residence.  

“I would definitely say there’s a lot more freedom living off campus,” he said. “I think it’s a good experience that maybe more kids should try as kind of a test to see, ‘Wow, can I really live by myself?'”