Meet a Cabbie: Tara LeClere


Co-Executive Event Coordinator, Tara LeClere begins to work on a display posters for the last two days of “Better Yourself Week” inside the Student Involvement office.
Photo by Lauren Pennock.


St. Louis native and Lindenwood senior Tara LeClere, alongside Cabbie Kelsey Gross, has taken on the paid position of co-executive event coordinator for the Campus Activities Board this semester.

LeClere, 21, is a psychology major who plans to complete her degree and graduate in May 2019. She is also a member of Lindenwood sorority Tri Sigma, where she holds the position of volunteer chair.

Co-Executive Event Coordinator, Tara LeClere, inside the Student Involvement office.
Photo by Lauren Pennock.

LeClere became a member of CAB during her sophomore year at Lindenwood. She said she feels CAB has had a tremendous influence on her stepping out and becoming more involved within campus life.

“I think it’s really helped me branch out and just kind of get out of my comfort zone,” LeClere said. “When I started, I definitely questioned myself ‘Why am I even applying for this job?’ It was just so out of my comfort zone, but because of that it sounded like a good reason to do it.”

LeClere credits CAB for helping her gain a sense of responsibility, confidence and independence on a professional scale.

“With planning events, I believe it’s helped me improve basic skills, such as calling random companies, negotiating budgets and being able to ask the important questions when it comes to putting everything together,” LeClere said.

Evans Unlocked, which is usually held closer to the end of the academic year, has become one of LeClere’s favorite annual CAB events to organize. CAB hosts many interactive activities for students to enjoy in celebration of another semester completed.

“For us, it’s the longest night ever, but it’s really fun especially because we’re all in it together; we’re all here until like 4 a.m. and we’re all so tired, but that’s what really makes it fun,” LeClere said.

LeClere said organizing and pulling off a CAB event is a team effort. Every member plays an essential role.

“We all work together and collaborate a lot, so there are no tiers within the organization,” LeClere said.

LeClere and Gross were responsible for organizing this week’s Better Yourself Week.

Better Yourself Week had events that helped students de-stress and unwind, such as glow in the dark yoga,and a candy giveaway with kind quotes attached.

For more information on coming CAB events, visit InvolveU or the Student Involvement office, located on the third floor of Evans Commons.