Meet a Cabbie: Anthony Madison


Cabbie Anthony Madison logs into Cab’s Involve U page inside the Student Involvement office, located in Evans Commons.
Photo by Lauren Pennock.


Biology major Anthony Madison has been busy upon entering his second full semester working for the Campus Activities Board.

The 22-year-old Lindenwood senior plans to enroll in graduate school and then medical school following his graduation next year, but he said he is still deciding on what career path he will take.

CAB member Anthony Madison, inside the Student Involvement office, where Lindenwood campus events are organized.
Photo by Lauren Pennock.

Madison was hired during the last two weeks of Lindenwood’s fall 2017 semester. He only began working for CAB in the spring semester of 2018. When he is not busy with academics, his fraternity, Phi Lambda Chi, or working to organize campus events with CAB, Madison said he enjoys running, reading and catching up on sleep.

“I applied for and decided to join CAB to meet new people, gain contact information, have new firsthand experiences, and it’s fun too,” Madison said.

Madison credits becoming a member of CAB with helping him be more social and outgoing, especially when it comes to large groups.

“I can now just go up, and say, ‘Hey, want to do this?’ to a stranger, and it’s not as weird,” Madison said. “I find that being able to just go up and talk to people, you can make friends faster.”

CAB members are normally assigned to their individual events each semester. Although they may hold primary control and or responsibility for organizing the campus event, the members always assist one another in whatever way they can to make sure each event runs smoothly.

“This semester we’ll partner up for a lot of things,” Madison said. “I’m helping with the student organization fair, beside Molly Tiemeyer; it’s been pretty fun.”

Some of Madison’s favorite annual events organized by CAB are Dark Carnival, which is taking place on Halloween this year, Winterfest and Late Night Breakfast.

Madison said CAB events are a great option for volunteers to reach their service hour requirements. He believes it looks great on a resume, and that it also provides students with the reward of helping others.

Madison said it takes a certain kind of person to fill the important position of a Cabbie.

“You need to be professional, you need to be able to have fun and be goofy, but know when to be serious, know when to loosen up,” Madison said. “Learn to improvise, everyday, at every event, because you never know what can happen.”

For more information on the Campus Activities Board (CAB) or their upcoming campus events go to Involve U or visit the Student Involvement office, located on the third level of Evans Commons.