Meet a Cabbie: New member Molly Tiemeyer joins after moving from Houston


Molly Tiemeyer paints mini pumpkins with Lindenwood graduate student, Bailey Kinney, left, at the Commuter Life: Pumpkins & Public Safety event.
Photo by Lauren Pennock.


Lindenwood junior Molly Tiemeyer, a business administration major with an emphasis in management, is about to wrap up her first semester as an official Cabbie.

“For my first semester here I lived in a dorm, and I didn’t know anyone because I came from Houston,” Tiemeyer said. “I started to go to the CAB events, and the members were so nice. Since I want to go into event planning, I asked if I could help and attend their meetings, and that’s how this all started.”

New Cabbie, Molly Tiemeyer takes a break from planning inside the Student Involvement office.
Photo by Lauren Pennock

The 22-year-old Houston, Texas, native transferred to Lindenwood last January. Her family, which consists of 1o siblings, made the move to O’Fallon, Missouri, this past July.

They have become extremely involved at Lindenwood. Students often spot her younger brother or sister assisting with Campus Activities Board events or hanging out in the Student Involvement office with the other members.

The Tiemeyers even took home the title of “2018: Family of the Year” at this fall’s Family Day.

When Tiemeyer isn’t organizing campus events through CAB, she’s either working at her church or The Morgan School, a  day care. She is also the president of the newfound Lindenwood Commuter Club. Kelsey Gross, Executive Event Coordinator for CAB, holds the position of vice president.

Aside from those responsibilities, she also is working online to become a certified wedding planner in preparation for her sister’s upcoming nuptials and to gain more experience for the future.

Tiemeyer credits her involvement with CAB for pushing her out of her comfort zone and becoming more active on campus.

Molly Tiemeyer (center) is surrounded by members of her family, after taking the 2018 title “Lindenwood Family of the Year.”
Photo used with permission of Molly Tiemeyer

“At the school I went to previously, I wasn’t in any clubs or involved in much,” she said. “Now I’m at all the events and talking to so many people; it definitely gives you an opportunity to put yourself more out there.”

She plans to graduate next December and looks forward to having a successful career in event planning.

For more information on the Campus Activities Board or upcoming events go to Involve U or visit the Student Involvement office, which is located on the third floor of Evans Commons.