5 things to do on a snow day


Need something to do on this fine snow day? Here are five things you could be doing.
Photo by Kat Owens


Classes are canceled, now what? Here are five things to do on a snow day, like today.

1. Go sledding at Bum’s Hollow in Blanchette Park in St. Charles

Given you have a car and are able to get there, rumor has it that this is the best place to sled in St. Charles. Grab a few friends, a sled and put this rumor to the test.

2. Catch up on that forgotten Netflix series

Between homework, studying for tests and work, we haven’t had much time to ourselves to catch up on that Netflix series we started back in August. Now that classes are canceled, it’s the perfect time to get cozy in your bed and press play on your remote.

3. Catch up on homework

If watching TV for eight hours straight isn’t your thing, you can also use this time to catch up on homework. Maybe you were supposed to have a test today or turn in a paper; use this extra time to get it done!

4. Take a nap

We’re all pretty sleep-deprived at this point. Why not use this time to sleep all day and be refreshed for the weekend?

5. Clean your room and make it shine

If you’ve been putting off cleaning your room for the last few weeks or avoiding the monster-sized pile of laundry in your dorm room…now is the time to do it.