5 things to do after your Thanksgiving feast


Watching a football game during or after Thanksgiving dinner is one way you can spend the rest of your holiday.
Photo from Pexels


Now that you’re stuffed with turkey, pie, mashed potatoes and so many other delicious sides, what should you do next? Here are five things to do after you’ve indulged in a Thanksgiving feast.

1. Go Black Friday shopping

If you’re tough enough to brave the crowds at Walmart for Black Friday shopping, go score yourself a deal on a television or a laptop. Or, if you’d rather window shop and watch people rush to gather electronics, that’s also a fun option.

2. Take a nap

After you’ve eaten enough food for the next three days, there’s no better thing to do than lay that recliner back, curl up under a nice, fuzzy blanket and go to sleep for the next three hours.

3. Watch a football game

As tradition, there are several NFL games scheduled for Thanksgiving Day, so depending on what time your family eats dinner, you may be able to catch one of the three. For a list of teams playing, click here.

4. Play a board game with your family

Sometimes it’s the only time of the year besides Christmas that you’ll see extended family, so why not break out a board game and start up some good ole family competition. Yahtzee is a classic game that can be found at many retail stores.

5. Get a head start on Christmas

Either find a channel, turn on Netflix or put a DVD in to get in the Christmas spirit. Some TV channels will be playing classic animated movies; check your channel guides or look on your television provider’s website to see listings.