ISF to hold finals dinner Tuesday


The Finals Countdown Dinner by International Student Fellowship is on Tuesday, Dec. 4 in the Hyland Arena VIP Room.
Photo courtesy of International Student Fellowship


The International Student Fellowship will gather international students and volunteers to dinner while counting down to finals week this Tuesday in the Hyland Arena VIP room.

This year’s dinner will be held from 6-9 p.m., and is held every year before everyone parts ways for winter break.

“I especially think this is a wonderful idea for those graduating in December,” Eileen Schulte, an International Student Fellowship volunteer, said.

Schulte knows that the majority of students graduate in May.

“Some festivities that also celebrate the accomplishments of these departing students will help them and their friends to have an event where all their campus friends can be together one last time,” Schulte said.

She said the non-graduates have the opportunity to enjoy good food and take a deep breath before buckling down for the final stretch.

“I am glad that International Student Fellowship will host this dinner,” Asuka Oka, a senior from Japan, said. “I will be graduating, and I would want to spend time with the volunteers that have helped me through college.”

There will be food and games where people can get to know each other and say goodbyes to students that are graduating or transferring.

For more information on this event, visit the International Student Fellowship Facebook page.