Meet a Cabbie: Matthew Taylor participates in CAB and much more


Matthew Taylor works alongside other cabbies, TJ Tipton (Left), Haley Cluck (right), Molly Tiemeyer (right corner) and other student involvement staff.
Photo by Lauren Pennock.


Lindenwood junior Matthew Taylor is about to complete his first semester as a Cabbie.

The 21-year-old accounting major is no stranger to campus involvement. He is a leader of Campus Crusades for Christ (CRU), a part of the Elevate Leadership program, and a founding member of the Math Club. He is also a member of the Accounting and Finance Club and a student organization representative in Lindenwood Student Government. Taylor has also recently joined the Running Club.

Cabbie Matthew Taylor is close to completing his first semester as a member of the Lindenwood Campus Activities Board.
Photo by Lauren Pennock.

On top of everything, Taylor tutors on the side.

“I really try to volunteer, and lend a hand whenever I can,” he said.

Taylor decided to join CAB towards the end of August. Through volunteering, his dedication was recognized, and he was offered the position, he said.

“Personally, I feel being a part of CAB is just brings about a really great time,” Taylor said. “I just love that sense of personal achievement, to be able to say ‘Wow, I planned and put together this event.'”

Taylor credits CAB for helping him grow professionally as well.

“Through balancing all of these activities, you begin to develop skills such a teamwork, time management, as well learning how to advertise an event,” Taylor said. “You have to think about what’s the biggest way to grab people’s attention in order for them to come to our events.”

Taylor organized this semester’s Comedy Night that featured up and coming comedian, LeClerc Andre. The event was held in Evans Commons, and the turn out was successful. The following Friday evening Andre was featured on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

He looks forward to organizing events for next semester such as “Welcome Back Week,” and the Waka Flocka Flame concert.

Taylor encourages students to volunteer and to break away from the stress that can sometimes be brought on during the school year.

“Whether is a coming to a comedy night, petting animals, or going to the Fall Fest, we want to show students, ‘Hey this is what Lindenwood wants to bring to you,’ which is a stress-free environment,” he said.

With everything Taylor has become active in, he continues to urge students to get out and become involved.

“Get out, be a little adventurous, and join a club,” Taylor said. “There are so many students here on campus and off campus, and your interests will align with someone; don’t be afraid.”

Next summer Taylor plans to go on a mission offered through CRU. He graduates in May 2020, and then plans to earn his CPA certificate, he said.

“I’m just hoping to find wherever God takes me,” Taylor said.