Review: Gnash’s debut album causes listeners to relive past relationships


The EP “Strange Love” by Simple Creatures was released on March 29, 2019
Graphic by Sarah Hearn


Gnash’s debut album “we,” will help listeners not get over past relationships, but instead be reminded of them.

“We” consists of 13 songs, a few of which were released earlier in the year as singles, including the popular “i hate u, i love u,” featuring Olivia O’Brien, which currently has over 749 million streams on Spotify.

One of the most relatable songs on the album include “t-shirt,” which is about a relationship that fell apart, but all that’s left is the other’s t-shirt, which brings back memories of said relationship. 

Other songs discuss feelings and safe spaces, such as “happy never after” which is about believing that love will never be found again after a certain relationship ends, and “the broken hearts club” which is about a made up “club” of people who have also had their hearts broken. In theory, these people relate to each other’s pain and help others who are going through a heartbreak find some relief.

Gnash is no stranger to writing about love and feelings. The artist, who got his start on SoundCloud, has written multiple songs of the sort, such as “feelings fade,” “tell me it’s okay,” “ilusm” and “Leave a Message.”

According to his biography on Spotify, Gnash makes music about his feelings because he likes “to think if we feel together, then we’ll feel better,” which is what “we” is all about.

Putting relationships aside, Gnash has a song that sheds light on something that a lot of people would rather keep hidden – insecurities.

Dear Insecurity,” featuring Ben Abraham, is about how feeling self-conscious can affect one’s overall emotional state nut embracing those “insecurities” because at the end of the day, everyone has them. The song is currently Gnash’s fourth most-popular song, sitting at over 9 million streams on Spotify.

“We” is available on streaming services everywhere, and bundles that include album themed merchandise as well as digital copes of the album can be purchased by clicking here.