Student organization funds run out of money, no more funds requests being approved at LSG meetings


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All of the funds in the student organization tiers as well as the general fund have been spent for the semester.

The total budgeted for student organizations this school year was $25,000. Then student government supplemented with leftover tier funds, that clubs did not spend, of $4,000.

Angie Royal, director of student involvement, said that student organizations were “sent multiple emails regarding deadlines to spend their tier funds.”

The deadline to spend these funds was March 22.

Royal said that leftover tier funds were “moved into the General Fund” and that everything in that fund has been spent by organizations as well.

Lindenwood Student Government President Posy Durr said that because there are no more funds, there will be no more funds requests approved at the weekly finance committee and executive board meetings.

Royal said if any organization needs anything for an event, an organization will either have to hold a fundraiser “or pay out of pocket for it.”

“This is when it helps to get your requests in earlier than later,” Royal said.

As far as budgeting for next year, Royal said her office will re-examine the amount of general and tier funds and “will make any adjustments we feel will allow us to best support out student organizations and their efforts.”