Lindenwood Student Government weekly recap


Applications to be a Lindenwood Student Government senator are now open on InvolveU.


Here is a recap of Wednesday’s weekly meeting of the Lindenwood Student Government General Assembly, held in Dunseth Auditorium.

  • The Mathematics Club, a new student organization devoted to promoting appreciation of math and holding math-related events, was admitted into Lindenwood Student Government.
  • LSG voted on next semester’s homecoming theme by paper ballot. The theme will be ultimately decided by the Homecoming Committee at a later date.
  • The assembly discussed changing the structure of their meetings. They are considering holding the meetings every other week, but otherwise keeping them the same, or having longer monthly meetings, which would remove representatives’ ability to vote on funds requests.
  • The Psychology Club requested $226.16 to cater their Family Feud event.
  • Guest speaker Paul Huffman of library services spoke about the Library and Academic Resources Center. He stated that the LARC is open fewer hours than Butler Library because student government had voted to increase Butler’s hours, but the school could not staff the new library for the extended hours. Assistant Provost Erin Mann also inquired about LSG members’ views on Lindenwood’s plagiarism and academic dishonesty policies.