New graphic design lab recognized problem, created “a beautiful solution”


Photo by Kat Owens

The graphic design lab has been updated for students to use.
Photo by Kat Owens.

MICHELLE SPROAT | Video Content Manager

Lindenwood University graphic design students have a new space to put their creativity to work in the J. Scheidegger Center for the Arts. 

Darren Collier, an associate professor of graphic design at Lindenwood, said that the new space supports creativity and reinforces the values of the program. 

“Our original space in Scheidegger was nicely outfitted, but it didn’t really say ‘creatives work here,'” Collier said. 

The new lab includes places for both work and play, including Mac computers and a table-tennis table. 

“A big part of being creative is having the freedom to play and experiment,” Collier said. “When you experiment, you often fail. That’s why we tried to lighten the mood by bringing in the ping-pong table.”

Collier explained that many advertisement agencies have a similar set up to “blow off steam.”

Prospective students, alumni and current students have given positive feedback to Collier regarding the space. 

“We did what designers do: recognize a problem and create a beautiful solution,” he said. 

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