CAB lights up the night with capture the flag


Cabbie Anthony Madison, left, stays planted in the sand while Molly Tiemeyer, right, sweeps in on her younger brother who also participated.
Photo by Lauren Pennock


Lindenwood students along with their family members and friends were able to enjoy the first evening of fall by joining in a game of glow in the dark capture the flag. 

The Campus Activities Board originally planned on having the game closer to Pfremmer Pond, but due to the area being roped off for a Lindenwood cycling event, they had to improvise. It was moved to the sand volleyball courts, right beside Evans Commons.  

Cabbies greeted students while handing out neon accessories. Participants were able to choose from an array of glow necklaces and bracelets, as well as blue or red body paint to indicate which team they were on.  

During breaks students enjoyed a free mini buffet featuring cold lemonade, appetizers like toasted ravioli, spinach artichoke dip and chips, as well as tie-dye iced cupcakes, brownies and chocolate chip cookies.   

Cabbies Katie Adams, TJ Tipton, Tara LeClere, and Kelsey Gross prepare the free, mini buffet for participants.
Photo by Lauren Pennock

Participants played barefooted within the sandy courts, dodging one another while a Pandora playlist featuring Maroon 5, Green Day and Counting Crows blared from a nearby speaker. 

Instead of flags, cabbies decided it would be more interesting to use a glow in the dark, flashing frisbee. The game was laid back with competition nor score being a big concern. Players could come and go as they pleased, and were welcome to take a lemonade or cookie break whenever they needed.

“This is about providing students with that mental break from classes and school,” said executive event coordinator Kelsey Gross.  

CAB welcomes all students to participate in their events. Students can also volunteer. Their focus is to get students involved, while giving them time to relax, meet new people and have fun.  

For more information on CAB or for upcoming events, visit InvolveU or stop by the Student Involvement office, located on the third floor of Evans Commons.