5 reasons to leave your dorm this week


Photo by Kat Owens

Sick of looking at four walls? Here are five reasons to leave your dorm this weekend.
Illustration by Kat Owens


Feeling like you’re in a slump after this weekend? Wondering what else there’s left to do in the month of October? Take a look at these five suggestions we have for you. Spend some time out of your dorm and check out what’s going on around campus and the St. Charles community.

1. Lindenwood Women’s Volleyball vs. Truman State

Tuesday, Oct. 30

6 p.m. 

Hyland Arena

Cheer on the Lady Lions in their match against the Truman State Women’s Volleyball team. Admission is free for students, and there are fresh popcorn, soda, and other snacks available for purchase.

2. Lindenwood University 8th Annual Dark Carnival 

Halloween, Wednesday, Oct. 31

6 p.m.- 10 p.m.

Lindenwood Campus, historic side 

What better way to celebrate Halloween than stepping right outside your dorm to enjoy live music, free treats, games, and two haunted houses? Make sure to have your costume, and be ready to get spooked.

3. Mary Poppins

Thursday, Nov. 1- Nov. 3

7:30 p.m.

Lindenwood Theater – J. Scheidegger Center 

Come support fellow Lindenwood students as they perform a childhood classic, Mary Poppins. Sing along to the tunes, and watch as they bring the story to life. Reserved seating is $10 and up.

4. Veg Society’s Cookies & Candles 

Friday, Nov. 2

6 p.m.- 7 p.m.

Evans Commons, 3020

In need of a craft night? Look no further than Lindenwood’s Veg Society’s Cookies and Candles. Whip up a new, personal scented candle for yourself, or to give someone else. Enjoy some free cookies, and enter for a chance to win your very own wax melter.

5. Lindenwood Men’s Football vs. Central Missouri 

Saturday, Nov. 3

1 p.m.

Hunter Stadium

Spend some time outside this weekend, and show some school spirit by watching men’s football take on Central Missouri. Student seating is located under the scoreboard. Student admission is free, and there are beverages and snacks for purchase.