Gingham’s owner: business booming at new location

Adjust the slider to see the original Gingham’s location compared to the new location:

Since Gingham’s Homestyle Restaurant relocated to a larger location last month, owners say the business has been thriving from the move.

The 24-hour diner, a common late-night stop for Lindenwood students, has been in business since 1991.  To allow for more space, Gingham’s recently moved less than a mile from its former location at Sherman Drive and First Capitol Drive.  

“Business is great,” Craig Uttenorf, the diner’s owner, said. “We knew we would have more business but it’s much more than we expected.” 

However, he said adjusting to the growth in business has had its challenges. 

“I think we are still adjusting to the new space. I think at some points the staff was adjusting to the amount of business,” Uttenorf said. “None of us expected us to start off with that much but it’s starting to level off now. At first everyone wants to see what the new Gingham’s looks like, everyone’s curious about the new look, but we’re still busy.” 

The menu remains exactly the same, and despite having a bigger area, the diner still has similar Americana decor as at the old location.  

“I think when we did this design we tried to keep that Gingham’s homey feel to it,” Uttenorf said. “With a big space I was a little bit worried about that, but I think the designer did a great job recreating that feel. I think people really like the feel of the place.” 

The new location is bigger than the old location by 3,500 square feet and can seat about 65 more people. This is thanks to the addition of a banquet room, which was not installed at the previous location. 

“We have the opportunity to do private parties now in the banquet room,” Uttenorf said 

The relocation has also come with a bigger parking lot to serve more of Saint Charles’ residents.  

“We have such a huge following here in Saint Charles,” Uttenorf said.  “The whole purpose of the move was to have more parking.  Our old building was really old and falling apart. I think with the parking and the feel of the space and the clientele we had already, I think that’s why we’re doing so much business down here.” 

The new location is at 1566 Country Club Plaza, Saint Charles, MO 63303.