Tokyo Olympic 2020


Sanami Iwasaki | Lindenlink Staff – Photo by maykim99

Tokyo received the honor of hosting the 2020 Olympics, announced September 8. More than 2000 supporters gathered in the center of Tokyo and celebrated the big news. Since Tokyo was chosen for the host, Japan estimates a positive economic effects of more than $40 billion and create more than 150,000 jobs. Also the government estimated that the Olympics will lead to about 8.5 million tourists in Tokyo over the two-week event.

Lindenwood Japanese students took a moment to comment on the news:

Marin Terayama, junior said “I’m so happy that Tokyo was nominated! Now I want to volunteer for the Olympic games. It will be a good opportunity to communicate with people from all over the country and also a good way to improve myself.”

Miho Matsuzu, freshman said “I believe Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics will bring a lot of benefits to Japan. Especially, rise and demand of Japanese companies.” But she also said, “It might cause heavy traffic and the subway will be packed. So I’m a little bit afraid of that.”

Riho Fujita, sophomore said “I’m happy about this news but I would be happier if the Olympic games were held in my city. Tokyo is far away from my city so I might just watch the games on TV.” She continued “This Olympics will definitely bring something new to Japan, so I’m looking forward to see the changes!”