LU website redesign to better visual appeal, function

LU website redesign to better visual appeal, function

Clare Behrmann | Staff Reporter

When students came back for the spring term, they noticed more change to our ever-evolving campus, and this time it was online. Internet users can attribute this change to Jason Waack, LU’s Web Master, for the new look of Lindenwood’s website.

“Every Lindenwood web presence falls under the auspices of my office,” Waack said. “Since I came to LU in 2005, we’ve tried to redesign the website every two to three years.”

While Waack did most of the designing himself, he had a lot of input from various people around campus, such as Public Relations and IT.

“Feedback from the deans, select faculty and staff and various students was taken into account as things progressed,” he said. “The final approval of the new site design came from President Evans.”

In addition to improving the looks of the website, Waack wanted to make LU’s webpage a little more user friendly.

One new feature is an A-Z Index, which allows visitors to more easily access different pages on the website. “When establishing the universal site navigation areas of the new site, we took into account the most trafficked sections of our website based on statistical information gathered through our analytics software,” Waack said. “The initial reactions I’ve received from individuals on campus have been very positive.”

Waack was in charge of changing other LU campuses’ websites as well. In addition, Waack is hopeful for the future of the site. His goal is to enhance the content by getting rid of outdated materials. “In the near future, we will begin redesigning the various Lindenwood microsites, such as the J. Scheidegger Center for the Arts and Daniel Boone Home sites,” he said.

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