J-Term course availability limits options

Shiva Jafari | Contributing Writer

Some Lindenwood students face problems with registering for J-Term 2012 classes. Classes are reaching their maximum numbers before freshmen students get a chance, and not many classes are offered this year for J-Term.
Registration has always been done by seniority, but as mentioned in the Legacy’s Nov. 2 edition, since last year, athletes get first selection a week before anyone else. Athletes have busy schedules with games and traveling. Therefore, they need to plan academic schedules accordingly.
However, it seems that this is becoming a big issue for other students, especially freshman and sophomores.
“J-Term classes are supposed to help students with their general education classes,” said sophomore Ashley Boesch.
“By the time that it is my time to register for J-Term, there are no classes left. I don’t think this is fair, and I don’t understand why their schedule is more important than other students.”
However, athletes have a different attitude towards this. “I like it that we get to register before anyone else,” said Lindsey Maddox, a member of women’s volleyball. “I’m more relaxed, and I know I’ll get the classes that I want. There is no stress. Athletes already have too much pressure, so it’s nice to have one thing not to worry about.”
Besides the problem students have with athletes registering sooner than everyone else, some students have trouble with the selection of classes that are offered for J-Term.
Caitlyn Modde, a middle school education major, said,
“The general education class that I need is not offered for J-Term, so it doesn’t affect me whatsoever, but I wish they would’ve offered a more variety of classes.”
Students have limited choices as far as what courses they can sign up for in J-Term.
Courses like English and math are not offered during this time.
“There is a lot that students need to learn in a math course,” said physics and math professor John Hauck.
“It is not possible to get through all that in just a few weeks.”
For more information about spring and J-Term courses, contact your advisor or call Academic Services at 636-949-4105. Available courses can be seen in the Student Portal found on Lindenwood’s website.